Brand Identity Workbook


The Start Your Biz Branding Workbook is your go-to guide for kickstarting your business venture with authenticity, clarity, and confidence. 🚀

Navigate essential steps such as overcoming imposter syndrome, defining your business goals, creating a compelling brand personality, and so much more.

Each section is tailored with exercises, examples, and actionable tips to transform your budding ideas into a thriving brand. Dive into this workbook and build the foundation for a badass brand that truly resonates with your audience. ❤️



Building a brand is so much more than a catchy name and a sleek logo. It’s about embodying a promise, a mission, and creating an unforgettable impact. However, hiring a brand strategist can be costly. Enter the Start Your Biz Branding Workbook. This resource is your personal brand strategist, guiding you step-by-step through crucial exercises and posing the right questions at a fraction of the price! By the end of this journey, you won’t just have a brand – you’ll have a brand with depth, clarity, and resonance. Let’s unveil the treasures inside:

Inside the Workbook:

🧠 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Break free from the crippling doubt holding you back. Understand the fear-based narratives and reframe them to empower your entrepreneurial journey.

Outcome: A renewed mindset, free from limiting beliefs, ready to conquer business challenges.

🎯 Business Guide Based on Personality: Align your business structure with your unique personality using the renowned MBTI test. Discover the type of business that’ll be most rewarding and fulfilling for you.

Outcome: A clear understanding of your business type matched to your personality for optimal success.

🌟 Naming Your Brand: Understand the power of a name and its connection to brand recall and recognition. Dive into the art and science of choosing a name that embodies your brand’s essence.

Outcome: A brand name that resonates, sticks, and makes an impression.

💖 Discovering Your Why: Peel back the layers and unearth the core values driving your business idea. Let your ‘why’ be the guiding light for your brand identity.

Outcome: A compelling purpose statement that fuels passion and connects with your audience’s heart.

🎙️ Brand Personality Worksheet: Craft a distinctive brand voice that stands out amidst the noise. Dive deep into the nuances of tone, lingo, and interaction that make your brand memorable.

Outcome: A distinct voice and personality blueprint ready to captivate your audience.

⏱️ Elevator Pitch: Hone the art of the perfect pitch. Summarize your brand’s essence into a succinct, impactful message that piques interest in seconds.

Outcome: A ready-to-deliver pitch, perfect for networking, introductions, and seizing opportunities.

🎨 Create a Mood Board: Visualize your brand’s essence with a curated collection of colors, images, and fonts. Get inspired, find direction, and pave the way for your brand’s design journey.

Outcome: A visual direction and inspiration board that sets the tone for your brand’s design elements.


Why Choose the Start Your Biz Branding Workbook? ✨

In the bustling world of entrepreneurship, clarity is key. Embarking on your business journey without a clear vision can lead to avoidable mistakes, missed opportunities, and overall confusion. That’s where a brand strategist steps in, aligning your passion with a purposeful direction.

But what if you could harness the expertise of a brand strategist without the hefty price tag? The Start Your Biz Branding Workbook is your solution. Acting as your personal guide, this workbook ensures you commence your business adventure with utmost clarity and a well-defined brand vision, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brand strategist. Dive in and discover its magic:

💼 Comprehensive: A holistic guide touching all foundational aspects of building a strong, resonant brand.

🛠️ Actionable: Filled with exercises, real-world examples, and step-by-step guides to ensure you’re not just reading, but doing.

💪 Empowering: Designed to build confidence, clarity, and conviction in your branding decisions.


Who is this for? 🤔

Entrepreneurs ready to take the leap, side hustlers looking to build their brand, and anyone passionate about launching a business with a solid branding foundation.

🌈 Begin Your Branding Journey with Confidence
Unveil the brand within you. With the Start Your Biz Branding Workbook, watch your ideas transform into a vibrant brand ready to make its mark in the world. Embrace the process, discover your authentic voice, and launch with a brand that’s undeniably YOU.



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