The Start Your
Biz Story

We believe every startup deserves top-tier expertise without the top-tier price tag. That’s why we’re committed to giving you access to our collective wisdom in business strategy, branding, digital marketing, and more.

Our mission? To support your dreams and make them a tangible reality.

Our Story + Values


The dream behind start your biz.

We kicked off Start Your Biz with one clear vision: leveling the playing field for women ready to leap into entrepreneurship.

Your empowerment is our mission.

Once we identified our mutual passion and drive to support women in building their dream biz, the rest fell into place.

Our core mission is empowering women to step into their own power, to earn more, and to be the architects of their freedom.


We’ve been where you are.

We’ve walked in the new biz shoes and helped many clients do the same. Although it wasn’t always easy, there were no questions about it… We never wanted to stop.

We wanted to share our knowledge and to make your entrepreneurial journey a little less overwhelming and a lot more fulfilling.

Tools and treats – no tricks here.

Now, we’re here to give you the practical tools to turn your vision into a profit-making venture. We want you to live the life you deserve! 

your biz team

Not only does Sol have years of international marketing and business experience under her belt, she’s also driven by a burning passion for entrepreneurship! As the founder and CEO of Start Your Biz, Sol has been running her own business since 2018 - growing it from a small, solo operation to the vibrant all women team it is today. She launched Start Your Biz to share her wealth of insight with other aspiring business owners and help them see their entrepreneurial dreams become a reality!

Founder and CEO

As the website designer and scheduling guru of the team, Jozi is our titan of lists, solutions, and getting sh*t done! Her clipboard energy and tenacious passion for what she does is the organisational oil that keeps our team running smoothly. If you need tips on how to stay on schedule and create a badass website that makes an impact, Jozi is your woman!

Business Manager 

Kim is the delightful face behind all of our beautiful design templates! With years of experience in bringing brands to life, her distinct creative flair is present throughout our library of design resources. Kim is also an entrepreneur herself, running her own photography & branding business since 2019. This means that not only does she know exactly how to make your brand shine, she also has first-hand experience as a business owner!

Senior Design + Photography Specialist

Our blue-haired content creation specialist is dedicated to digging up valuable insights (she loves it, in fact!) Not only is Maya ready to dive down a research rabbit hole at a moment's notice, she also flexes her writing fingers to help us create engaging copy.

Maya Malony
Content Creation Specialist

As a chronically online Gen Z scroller, Seh is the sassy account manager who knows EXACTLY how to help your brand sparkle online. Using her expertise in TikTok trends and social media strategy, her skills in crafting entertaining copy is unmatched!

Sarah Pepworth
Account Manager

As our badass paid media specialist, Inga is well-versed in the intricacies of paid media, Excel spreadsheets, and everything Pinterest! From setting up ads campaigns to learning how to make data-backed business decisions, she has all the expert answers to any strategy question you might have. With Inga’s acumen at your side, you’ll be hitting higher ROAS and seeing your business grow in no time.

Paid Media Strategist

What makes Start Your Biz different?

Supporting Your Dream Biz Journey from A to Z 🌟

Whether you’re searching for that lightbulb idea or already counting profits, we offer tools to accompany you through each phase of your entrepreneurial journey. 

Crafting Authentic Brands 🎨

Your brand is a reflection of you. We go beyond the generic, emphasizing authentic narratives, unique designs, and brands deeply rooted in a solid mission and values.

Prioritizing Purpose Over Hustle 🧘‍♀️

We champion ease and alignment. Gone are the days of the unhealthy hustle culture and placing profits above purpose. With us, it’s about a journey that feels right.

A group of 4 hands rising up

People-First Approach ✋

Our guiding philosophy centers on crafting ethical, conscious brands designed to forge authentic relationships and build inclusive communities.

Global Minds, United Mission 🌍

With creative women from around the world, our team brings diverse expertise to the table. From digital strategy and branding to design and content, we’ve got the skills to amplify your brand.

Making Dreams Come True 🌠

At the heart of Start Your Biz is our unwavering commitment to providing the tools you need, turning entrepreneurial visions into triumphant realities.