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We started as Dawning Digital, a digital marketing agency serving both global, billion-dollar brands and solopreneurs alike.

We’ve had the privilege of helping many of our clients start their businesses, and in doing so, we learned two things:

  1. We LOVE turning ideas into profitable businesses.
  2. When combining all our expertise we can dramatically accelerate the launch and growth of a business to ensure its success.


Start Your Biz was born to provide all the support and resources that aspiring entrepreneurs need in order to launch and grow a successful business. 

Our team of experts in business strategy, digital marketing, branding, website design, copywriting, and social media strategy have all contributed their expertise to create a resourceful, safe and supportive space to helping you turn your dreams into a reality.

Our Story + Values

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Every business starts with the spark of an idea.

Every business starts with the spark of an idea. That one magical little pinprick of light, inspiration, and excitement that comes unexpectedly like a shooting star, illuminating worlds of possibility in its wake as it sears brightly across your mind.


This is where Start Your Biz comes in.

When you build a space for that idea to live in, grow the fire with effort, fan the flames with commitment, and fuel the blaze with the right expertise, that spark can grow into a business that will make your dreams a reality. That’s where we at Start Your Biz come in.

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There’s magic in your idea.

A something out of nothing. A single seed that holds the prospect to change your whole life. That idea was planted in your head for a reason. And it belongs entirely, brilliantly, and passionately to you.

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We’re here to show you that you CAN achieve our goals.

We’re here to provide you with tools and support that make it easier to turn your passion into a profitable business. We’ll help you launch, grow and scale that business in a linear way so that you can grow faster and avoid the common mistakes often made by new business owners. Then, we’ll connect you with a community of like-minded individuals who are nurturing their sparks too.

your biz team

Sol is the founder and creative director of Start Your Biz. She has put together a team of like minded individuals with a goal of making you believe in yourself. She is undoubtedly the most supportive person in the world and has over a decade of experience in helping people do the damn thing and start their biz!

business strategist

Jozi is the website designer at Start Your Biz. her passion for learning is extremely helpful in bringing unique design to life. You can rely on her for spamming your inbox and an organized list.

Website Designer


Kim, our designated brand designer, has years of experience in bringing brands to life. She is guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat when you see the first creative aspects of your new biz!


Natalie, or Murf as we know her, is our strategist and copywriter. Her ability to come up with ideas is out of this world. She will help you discover the perfect voice to represent your brand and come up with incredible ideas to support it.

Strategy + Copywriter


Inga the Start Your Biz growth strategist. Nothing can stand in your way when you have her on your side. You can have trust in the fact that almost all of Inga's decisions are backed by statistics.

Growth Strategist

Summer is yet another creative genius on the Start Your BIz team. Her illustration skills are simply unmatched. You can always rely on Summer for making even the most mundane extremely beautiful.

Designer + Content Creator

Chloe is our resident content creator. Her positive energy is exactly what you need when starting your biz. Her creativity will support you on your social media journey.

Content Creator


What makes Start Your Biz different?

Step-by-step guide from idea to profit

Our method guides you, step-by-step, through building a strong and legit foundation for your business, so you can grow effortlessly while avoiding common mistakes.

We build unique + authentic brands

No cookie-cutter brands here. We build unique brands based on honest messaging, original design, and defined values, mission and vision statements.

We believe in ease and alignment

We don’t believe in glorifying the culture of the “grindset,” or pushing unhealthy narratives of profit over purpose that have become so prevalent in entrepreneur communities.

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We focus on a “people-first” method

We put a strong emphasis on building inclusive, ethical communities of like-minded people. We will help your brand ensure it inclusive, ethical and sustainable.

We’re a fun, all female, creative and global team

Our team is based in Europe, America and Africa, and we’re experts in business strategy, digital marketing, branding, website design, copywriting, and social media strategy.

We’re turning dreams into realities

Start Your Biz was born to provide all the support and resources that aspiring entrepreneurs need in order to turn their biggest dreams into a reality.